Fautor Rhein RieslingPrint Ad

Fautor Rhein Riesling Late Harvest is a limited edition premium wine; an exclusive product on the Moldovan market.
But how can you show its value in a magazine ad?
By stealing the ad.
We’ve placed pre-torn images of the new Fautor Rhein Riesling wine in magazines, accompanied by a “Valuable things deserve to be stolen” message.
The back of the ad had a URL to the website specifically designed for this particular wine, on which visitors could learn more about the Fautor Rhein Riesling limited edition.
As a side-result, both the magazine and the wine producer have got lots of alerting phone-calls: “Someone had torn your ad out of the magazine!”, and the likes.
Valuables are worthy of being guarded.

Marketing Manager: Alina Tapu, Ruxanda Lipcan
Art Directors: Constantin Sarcov, Eugen Catruc
Copywriter: Constantin Sarcov
Producer: Cristina Cornileac

Print / Unconventional
April 2013
Fautor Rhein Riesling Late Harvest 2012